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Re-Elect Glen Lawrence for Councillor Ward 7 Strathcona County

For the past 4 years, Glen has served the people of Strathcona County as an elected Councillor. He has worked as a leader on Council to champion progressive ideas and reforms. His work led to a four-pillar approach to community development that balances economic, environmental, social and cultural issues.

Ward 7 Strathcona County Antler Lake, Half Moon Lake, North Cooking Lake
Ward 7 Strathcona County South Cooking Lake, Collingwood Cove and Hastings Lake

Passionate and Capable

Glen is keen to deal with the issues that matter most to Ward 7 constituents, whether they are roads, waste removal, high-speed internet connectivity, resource management or concerns specific to country living. Dedicated and determined to make a difference on council, Glen leads by actions, not just words.

Glen Lawrence gets results for Ward 7 Strathcona County

Getting Results 2017 - 2021

  • 1.35% Tax Cut Over 4 Years
  • Rural Crime DOWN 11%
  • Residential Water Fill Station South Cooking Lake Fire Hall
  • $12 Million Increase to Rural Roads Plan Over 4 years
  • Whistle Cessation Completed CN Main Line East to County Line
  • Seniors Advisory Committee established
  • Land-use changes to control cannabis production
  • Territorial Acknowledgement Policy


Glen understands the value of good working relationships - within Council, with County administration, with County employees, and with residents.

Glen knows more is accomplished when working with partners - federally, provincially, and locally - such as the Industrial Heartland, the River Valley Alliance, the BHB, and community leagues.

Glen believes in building bridges, not walls.

Glen believes in County residents getting the best service possible for their tax dollars; the importance of balancing cultural, economic, environmental and social needs; in maintaining a 0% tax increase through proper tax allocation; in long term planning; and being accessible to his constituents.

About Glen

Glen has deep roots in the County of Strathcona; his family originally settling here in 1906. He resides on his own quarter section in the county. In addition, his work, his volunteer activities and his family and community ties have given him an intimate knowledge of the area.

Glen worked in the education system within the County, teaching both high school and adult courses, and with the Province as a technical adviser for Alberta Energy. He is a successful self-employed home builder as Energy Smart Homes.

Glen believes that living in the community means getting involved. Glen built his first home in Ward 7 in 1981. Between 1981 and 1998 Glen worked with a variety of groups including the Hastings Lake Community League, the Ministik Lake Advisory Committee, the Cooking Lake Moraine Conservation Association, the Environment Advisory Committee, the Assessment Review Board, and the Recreation, Parks and Culture Advisory Committee.

Council 1998 - 2010

Glen was first elected to Strathcona County Council in 1998 as the Ward 7 representative and served four terms. Much was accomplished during this time. Crucially for the rural area, the 2007 Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw was put into effect, which protected our rural lands from the Province’s push for intensive livestock operations (hogs).

2010 - 2017

After retiring from municipal politics in 2010, Glen went back to his Energy Smart Homes business, his farming activities, and a renewed focus on the Beaver Hills Initiative (BHI), which he chaired for 10 years. In 2016, the Beaver Hills Moraine earned its designation as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This is a tremendous accomplishment and the Beaver Hills Biosphere brings worldwide recognition to this area.
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2017 - 2021

Glen felt the need to return to municipal politics in 2017 because initiatives that were underway when he left in 2010 had stalled. For example, the South Cooking Lake water fill station had not been completed, despite the funding being in place when he left seven years earlier.

On October 17, 2017 Glen was again elected as Council's Ward 7 representative for a four-year term. Accomplishments during this term include a 1.35% tax cut over 4 years, rural crime down 11%, $12 million increase to Rural Roads Plan over 4 years, whistle cessation completed on CN main line east to County line, completion of the residential water fill station at the South Cooking Lake, the creation of a Seniors Advisory Committee, land use changes to control cannabis production, and adoption of the policy on Territorial Acknowledgement.

Moving Forward

If elected, Glen will continue the important work of governing Strathcona County as a whole, while addressing the specific needs of residents in Ward 7, and protecting our rural way of life.

The 2020 Public Satisfaction Survey showed an overall increase of satisfaction from rural residents. Most notably, supporting the economy through a business-friendly environment increased 10.9% in the rural area; protecting and preserving the natural environment was up 8.7% in the rural area; and value received in municipal services in the rural area was up 4.6%.
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Digging deeper, the value of tax dollars in the rural area with a rating of excellent/very good rose from 30.1% in 2016 to 57.1% in 2020, almost doubling the highest rate of satisfaction.
Click here to view the 2018 Public Satisfaction Survey

As a rural councillor Glen finds this very encouraging and looks forward to working to see that trend continue. Please note – many comments mentioned the wonderful front-line staff!

On March 23, 2010, the Strathcona County Park Master Plans Final Report was published. In it were extensive plans for South Cooking Lake. The 100th anniversary of South Cooking Lake is approaching and planning needs to move forward.

Ensuring the future of agriculture, protecting priority habitat areas, attending to water quality and waste management concerns, and fiscal responsibility continue to be priorities for Glen.

Ministik Memorial Park

Ministik Memorial Park

Councillor Glen Lawrence meets with residents and County workers to discuss details of Ministik Memorial Park, Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

Click here to learn more about the Ministik Memorial Park!

The loss of Ministik School was a huge blow to this part of Ward 7. The focus now is on transforming the old school site into Ministik Memorial Park (commemorating veterans) with many improvements for outdoor recreation and events. Glen is working with the Ministik community to ensure the park is built to their needs; this work is well underway.

South Cooking Lake Residential Water Fill Station

South Cooking Lake Residential Water Fill Station Strathcona County

Click here to learn more about the new water station!


“This is a photo with my friend of 26 years, Lonesome. He and I traveled the roads and trails around my home in Ward 7 for many years. Lonesome was well-known to many as we also attended many parades and events. Lonesome lived to 32 and is an irreplaceable character!”

Strathcona County Library Bookmobile

Strathcona County Library Bookmobile
Glen is a big supporter of the Strathcona County Library Bookmobile and proud that this service is available to rural Strathcona residents. Click here to learn more about the Bookmobile!

Did you know that the Strathcona County Library Bookmobile puts on over 25,000 km per year, travelling our rural roads delivering library services?

The main focus of the Bookmobile has always been to provide library services to the rural community. Sign out materials, access the internet, check out the latest community news and events, meet your neighbours, and learn about other public services through your Bookmobile!

I was on council when the purchase of the current bus was approved in 2007; in 2010 we provided Priority Funding to further enhance this unit by equipping it with solar panels to power the interior.

The bus was built in Canada (Quebec); the interior was retrofitted locally (System One); and it was designed by the Library's Bookmobile Services staff. Intelligent design of this unit has really proven its worth during the pandemic. Materials can be rolled right off the bus and into the open for the public to browse and borrow.

Bookmobile staff worked hard to keep the service relevant to the rural community during COVID-19, and it did not go unnoticed. I was pleased to present the Strathcona County Award of Excellence to the Bookmobile in June; they were nominated for this award by residents from the South Cooking Lake community.

Rural events were fewer this year, but the Bookmobile was still a big part of the Ardrossan Parade and Market, Hastings Lake Canada Day, and South Cooking Lake Trail Days.

I encourage you to check out our library-on-wheels, the Strathcona County Library Bookmobile. It offers service at 14 regular, weekly stops year-round throughout the rural County. Go on-line to

I have always been a promoter of this service and love to see it on the road and at rural events.


In the Media

“I want to come back because I love the job. I love the community, I love working with the people, and I want to see us move forward.” Read about Glen's re-election aspirations on

In this late 2017 video Glen is interviewed by PBS as chair of the BHI and talks about an approach to community development that balances economic, environmental, social and cultural issues.

In this 2018 video Glen reaches out to the community for input regarding the 12 Year Recreation and Culture Strategy for Strathcona County.


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